The Biblical Wife Chronicles Pt. 4 – The Summary Of The Wife’s Role

This is an overall summary of the previous 3 parts to the “The Wife Chronicles” that we have been studying this week. I will attempt to keep it short and really only hit the high points. It will not be as in-depth as the previous studies so if you can’t remember what was said to connect the points – please review.

  1. As wives, we set the tone for the household. Ever hear the phrase “If mama ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy.” ? That is the summary of tone setting. Whether you have children or not you are the one that makes the house peaceful and pleasant.
  2. We are to work more on our selves internally then externally. My father loves the phrase “painting the barn”. When you think about it – it’s true on some level. Women tend to paint the barn a lot – I’m not just talking about the fact that every morning you wake up and put on make-up. We put it on and externally make ourselves more appealing but never worry about the internal – we make the external of the barn nice but guess what – it’s still full of manure at the end of the day. That is unless you focus on the internal – muck out the barn and then paint it! If you don’t take care of your own attitude and spirit – you will still have the consistency of manure spiritually.
  3. We are to submit respectfully to our own husbands. Not your friends husband or the pastor who’s married – to your husband. This attitude is the one that will bring your husbands to Christ if they aren’t saved, and if they are – push him to become the man God wants him to be.
  4. Don’t be quarrelsome, but have a quiet and gentle spirit. I’m not saying go around and try to be like that one woman who is naturally that way. What I am telling you to do is hit the ground with your knees regularly so that you may become the woman God wants you to be. Learn to be flexible, soft-spoken (this does not equate to not having opinions but to voicing them in a respectful and gentle manner). Live peaceably. More husbands avoid their homes because of quarrelsome, gossipy, passive-aggressive wives than anything else. Remember don’t repay evil with evil.
  5. Speak with kindness and wisdom, work hard, do good and not harm. Ever notice how if you don’t have anything to do you get bored and then you act out? you start wanting attention and any attention is attention. Work hard because Idle hands are the devils handiwork. I’m not saying stay so busy you can’t rest but don’t be sitting around – there are things to do and being idle isn’t wise. When you talk – ask if it’s kind or wise. Will it sow seeds for the kingdom of God or will it damage the work done by those before you? Choose this day – not tomorrow but today – who you will serve. If you aren’t serving Christ then you are unconsciously serving the devil.

I’m not perfect – I’m not going to lie and say that I am or that I have mastered all this, but I have learned a lot just by studying it. Ladies – we are either bringing our men into our homes and driving them to Christ or we are shaming them and sending them away from us and Christ. The first ministry you have as a married woman is your marriage. Don’t falter now.

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