Reasons to Destroy your judgement zone

This post is going to be short. I’m sitting in the doctors office with my husband and as I sit here and look around – I realize I’m one of a few white women here. Most are probably immigrants, struggling to make ends meat.

Within me rises a spirit that I know ignorant and inappropriate. I don’t know anyone here. I haven’t met them before and I am sitting here judging them.

As I’m doing this I think of one verse – just one. “Judge not lest you be judged.” I can’t remember the reference. Really it doesn’t matter does it? The reality is that God came and died for everyone and I’m sitting here deciding who is worthy of it.

This verse is followed by the thought “we are all Gods children and you don’t get to chose.” Then followed by one of my favorite quotes “God created all things. It’s men who decide which ones are the mistakes.” This came from a movie Beautiful Creatures that I watched on Netflix. I love the quote because it really reminds me that it isn’t my decision which is right and which is wrong. God made all things. And men – humanity has decided what’s wrong

On some level I find this freeing – I don’t have to decide – I just have to show everyone and everything Gods love. On another it’s depressing – I’ve failed him miserably.

Don’t make my mistake- he created all things. Don’t try to pick and choose – it’s not your decision. Live without judgement. It’s simpler.