Good vs. Evil

Do you ever watch shows like Once Upon A Time. Granted it’s an older show, but it has a great reoccuring message that it gives. The message is simple “Choose good over evil”. Choose not to take vengance or revenge.

I love this show. I love the message. That being said – I’ve been thinking about anger and how it affects our life.

The Bible constantly states that we are to let anger go. We are not to think about taking vengence on others.

I’ve been thinking about this because someone I knew once suddenly finished working at the place we worked together. The manager of this establishment decided to appear at her new job prior to her start date and create some drama for her there. Really it was very underhanded and not appropriate for them to do this at all. Needless to say – my coworker was quite upset and really wanted to seek legal action against this establishment.

I think we have all had situations like this. Points in our lives where we have wanted to take retaliative action and really make someone pay for the wrongs they have caused in our own lives.

Here’s the thing about anger:

  1. It takes way more energy for you to stay mad than it does to forgive. Yeah, ok I’m not saying you won’t still feel rejected or hurt, but maybe letting it go is a great first start to getting on with your own life.
  2. It leads to a bitter and angry heart. Having a bitter heart is something you don’t want. It’s hard to get rid of and it’s ugly to look at. Ever been around someone that was truely bitter? It is awful. You can’t take more than like 10 minutes with them.
  3. It makes you hate yourself. I’ve noticed this in my own life. When I’m angry – I don’t even want to be around me.

Here’s my basic summary – The Bible says not to be angry. Choose not to be angry. Choose to let things go. Choose to focus on something good in your life. Don’t be bitter. Choose good versus evil.